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Adjustable Tilt & Swivel Wall Mount Bracket for LCD TV & PC Monitor


Here''s an attractive,durable and verstile mount for your flat panel display. The tilt and slidemechanism with screw and lever locks almost has a "steam punk" lookto it. The device is recommended for screens up to 30" and 60 lbs.Themount is made from steel and has a nice power coat finish.

The mount allows you totilt the display up and down about 35 degrees off center max. You can swivel itside to side up to 50 degrees off center max. And, it will retract down to adepth of 3.25" when parallel and even to the wall and extend out to a maximumof about 5.75".

It will support anydisplay within the weight limit that has a VESA 75, 100, 200 or200x100?compliant mounting pattern. (Vesa 75 is a square hole pattern whereeach hole is about 3" apart vertically and horizontally.Vesa 100 has holesthat are about 4" apart. Vesa 200 are about 8" apart.Vesa 200x100 areabout 8" apart horizontally and 4" apart vertically)

· VESA Compliant:Yes -75, 100, 200 and 200x100

· Color:Silver

· Dimensions:216mm (8.5") high x 216mm wide(8.5") x 82mm to 150mm deep (3.25" to 5.75")

· Maximum Wieght Capacity: About 60lbs

·  Mounting Hardware Included: 4 lag bolts and 4 optionalconcrete anchors. Machine screws for mounting to panel are not included.


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